Hakuho-maru and Tansei-maru Database

 Hakuho-maru and Tansei-maru Database archives the cruise log and CTD data obtained by R/V Hakuho-maru and Tansei-maru. The data are available since 1997 (Hakuho-maru) and 2002 (Tansei-maru). The cruise track and stations are displayed for a selected cruise. Vertical profiles and data table of the CTD data of a selected station, and 1-db interva data (cnv file) are also available. Please make an inquiry below if you have any questions related to the Database.

Hakuho-maru and Tansei-maru database (INQUIRY)
Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics,
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo

 This database provides the data obtained through CTD observations conducted during R/V Hakuho-maru and Tansei-maru cruises by permission of the cruise directors. No quality control was made on the data except for manufacturer's calibration of the CTD sensors generally conducted once a year. In particular, calibrations for chlorophyll and DO sensors were not made regularly. Please use these values only for advisory. We and the cruise directors do not warrant or take any responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the data, and any detriment with respect to the database information. When a part or all of the contents of this site are referred to, please cite as "Hakuho-maru and Tansei-maru DataBase".

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